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The premium sports and casino betting site in Vietnam

Join the fun at CAT368, an online gambling website available for all players in Vietnam. You can play various types of games like slots, roulettes, and table games at the casino page. Sports fans can also turn their passion into profit at the bookmaker page for sports, esports, and racing. 

Vietnamese players are welcome to join the site at any time. Just register whenever you want to and start playing with any features CAT368 has to offer. Don’t miss out on amazing bonuses at the promotions tab or turn on your notifications during account creation to receive newsletters and ads.


Spirit of Adventure

Introducing Slot Game Spirit of Adventure


Eye of Cleopatra

Introducing Slot Game Eye of Cleopatra


Fire Strike 2

Fire Strike 2: Slot Machine Overview


Jellyfish Flow

Introducing Slot Game Jellyfish Flow


Starlight Princess

Introducing Slot Game Starlight Princess


Great Rhino Megaways



Fishing King

Introducing Slot Game Fishing King


Pirate King 3D

Introducing Slot Game Pirate King 3D


Fire Strike

Introducing Slot Game “Fire Strike”


Download the CAT368 casino app to play as much as you want, whenever you want. Start betting for big payouts and get the chance to be invited as a VIP member! This gives you more exclusive bonuses to make your online gambling experience for sports and casino betting better than ever. 

Check out CAT368’s offered sports categories

The key to a fun online sports betting is an intuitive interface and finding the best odds available. CAT368 offers the most user-friendly sportsbook as well as the best odds than any online betting sites in Vietnam. This site offers markets on different sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, and even international tournaments like the Olympics for all kinds of players. Place your bets on different matches from the sports below and many others:

Virtual sports

Another fun CAT368 bookmaker online you can bet on is virtual sports. It features all of the markets in athletic sports events like football, horse racing, and fishing as well as the athletes and teams participating in their respective league each season. However, it comes with a unique twist in which none of them are actually real live competitions. 

Virtual reality sports arranges a tournament league that you can follow throughout the season. Every match result is emulated using real athletes’ data and probability of winning in every matchup. Bets resolve faster and more fun matchups are offered for a more interesting sports betting experience. 

Betting on virtual sports events is also easier to predict than real sports. You can rely on your memory or research base on each team’s most recent performances. Some factors to look at are their wins and number of goals in the last five matches then place your bets. There will also be matches between teams that would otherwise not appear in real tournaments, giving you the opportunity to experience fantasy rivalries to get invested in. 

Sports leagues

Every sport available at CAT368 bookmaker has various leagues. Football, horse racing, and sports fishing each have their own set of regional and international tournaments. The most notable football leagues include annual premier European leagues or quadrennial competitions like the FIFA World Cup.

Horse racing has the most number of events graded between 1, 2, and 3 with 1 being the highest-tier. Sports fishing is where Vietnam shines because it is the home for some of the best regional tournaments in this field. Tournaments in all countries also attract foreign fans of the sport using CAT368 to make bets.


Enjoy exciting CAT 368 sports betting markets and odds

The joy of sports online betting is best experienced if you understand the basics thoroughly. Firstly, you need to know about parts of the bookmaker and how they work. Upon viewing the interface, you will see several items right off the bat like big headings, interactive buttons that always come in pairs or sets, and numbers.

The big headings typically write the teams that are fighting for the tournament format and countries hosting matches. CAT368 typically shows the games based on which one is more prominent internationally. Meaning, you are more likely to see European leagues before tournaments in Vietnam football when browsing.


Each of these headings usually come with smaller headings like 1×2 in football. 1×2 stands for team 1, tie, and team 2 with the numbered buttons under them indicating their odds in the bookmaker. 

Click any of the three then a prompt asking you to place bets will appear. Customise how much you are going to bet using that to back that option. Once the results are out, you win your bet multiplied by the odds at the time you placed it if the outcome you backed is the result.

Variety of markets divided by time and focus

Betting options, like 1×2, are also called ‘markets’ in sports betting sites like CAT368. There are more examples like over/under where you have to guess whether the match will end with a total number of scores over or under an arbitrary threshold. Markets can be different depending on what kind of sports you are betting on and which countries are involved in its competitive field.

Lower tier matches like the qualifiers usually only have a few options for you to choose from while playoffs typically have extra ones called ‘prop bets’. In contrast with the usual markets, prop bets typically involve situations that are never guaranteed if they will happen and there’s no way of guessing the outcome. This is fun for punters who are just looking for high odds and win more money. 


CAT368 bookmaker also divides those markets into categories based on how soon the match is happening. In-play includes live events while those that haven’t started can be found in a category labelled ‘future’. Markets under ‘outright’ are different because you are guessing which team would win the league that season. Betting begins once qualifiers have concluded and markets are closed typically during the quarter finals. 

Markets for horse racing are different from other sports because of the nature of the competition. Every race makes you choose between 10 to 18 participants on who you think will get first place. There will be markets for less risky betting where you just guess which horse will at least end as one of the top three.

Dynamic odds in sports betting

Another important point to talk about is the aforementioned odds on each market. These act as multipliers for your ante and it is determined by how much total bets are placed on one option compared to the others. The option with the lower or negative odds means it’s the favourite and most CAT368 players are confident on that outcome. Markets with the higher payout have fewer bets in it and it is called the underdog.

The odds update constantly with each new bet placed. Fortunately, CAT368 recognises the odds to your bet at the time that you placed it so you still get paid that amount even if the odds dropped for everybody else. You just need to be quick at placing your wagers if you are confident about an outcome.

Stream games and bet on esports competitions at CAT368

Athletic sports activities have been the centre of several generations of spectators but today is the era of video games. You can place bets on competitive gaming matches right here at CAT368 online bookmaker. The practice is similar to athletic sports with two teams competing per match and there are different markets to choose from, but the context revolves around video games.

The best esports tournaments you can follow every season are the giants with millions of fans both players and spectators alike. Although titles can come and go, genres stay and remain consistent over time. There will be fundamental changes introduced by new games released but the core gameplay remains the same as follows:



A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) pits two teams of equal numbers against each other. Their goal is to destroy the enemy team’s most valuable structure. Both sides are placed on opposite corners or ends of the map and each side must advance their forces through lines of defensive turrets until they reach the target structure.

The two most popular games under the MOBA genre are Dota 2 from Valve and League of Legends from Riot Games. Some popular titles in Vietnam and its Southeast Asian neighbours are on mobile like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from Montoon and Arena of Valor from TiMi Studio Group.

Tactical shooting games

Tactical shooting games consist of two teams competing on the same map on who gets to complete their objectives first or eliminates the other team. Unlike MOBAs, these games typically use guns on all occasions and the game mode can be widely different for each game.

Some of them give both teams the same set of weapons to choose from while others can make the experience varied because they can choose different characters. For tactical shooting games with playable characters, it is often called under the sub genre name ‘hero shooter’. Another name for this genre is ‘first-person shooter (FPS)’ because it’s usually played from a first-person perspective.

The most popular title of this genre is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Valve. Other titles you should check out are VALORANT from Riot Games, Overwatch from Activision Blizzard, and Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft.

Raise the stakes with CAT368 Casino games

If you are new to CAT368 casino gaming, then you need to be acquainted with all of its features. You should know that the website is host to thousands of different titles categorised into casino table games and online slots. Each one has its own dedicated page to help filter them apart, allowing every gambler to easily find what specific casino gambling experience they are looking for.

Casino table games

No casino is complete without table games and they are often the ones you will see when visiting a land-based casino. That experience is made online ready by top software providers to bring you an emulation of the experience using random number generators (RNG). You can play the following kinds of table games on CAT368 mobile app:

Online slots

Table games offer even money betting where you have the highest possible chance of winning but online slot machines give you the opportunity to win thousands in a single bet. This is the most popular category in an online gambling casino and there are thousands of unique titles you can play at CAT368.

The goal is similar for each of them where you simply place a bet and win an arbitrary amount each spin. Prices can range from 0.2:1 to over 1,000:1 depending on what’s offered. Some slot games can have a maximum win up to 10,000x if they have a very special mode or the combination of their features make it possible.

Just like table games, video slots also have different sub categories but most of them are unique to online casino gaming that CAT368 offers. Here are some examples and what makes them fun:

Place your bets on CAT368’s live casino games in real time

If you enjoyed the table games at land-based casinos then you will love CA​​T368’s live casino page. It offers every game you love like live roulette, live baccarat, live poker, and live blackjack plus the physical props needed to play them as well as a dealer to host for you.

This is made possible by cutting edge streaming technology including multiple high-resolution smart cameras with sensors recording all that happens on the table. All of this is processed in a blackbox and delivered to your screen in an intuitive interface where you can place your bets and get paid instantly when results come out.

Live casino online betting is different to the aforementioned casino table games because it’s a multiplayer experience. You can only place your bets during a short window that the dealer opens. This is advantageous for you if you have a bad feeling in a round so you can just let it skip and play the next hand instead.

Another fun feature in live dealer games is how you may interact with other players on the same channel. Use the global chat feature to say hello or banter with them to bond over the table game. The dealer can also read these messages and respond without getting distracted from the hosting table.

Wait for your lucky numbers to land with CAT368’s online lottery

CA​​T368 has a special surprise for all of its loyal patrons. After completing a certain requirement with a registered account, you can get a chance to win hundreds of thousands or millions instantly just for being an active player. Play as frequently as possible at CA​​T368 sports and casino to raise your probability of getting drawn for a lucky prize.

This is a lottery and it’s a game of chance where you can be selected from one of many CA​​T368 active players. There will be multiple draws with the prize pool distributed across a hierarchy based on draw placement. The top draw wins the biggest cut or the most valuable gift if the lottery offers non monetary rewards like a vacation package or a new smartphone.

The lottery happens in a given time period and you have to opt in to get a chance to be chosen. Always stay updated when registration begins and complete the requirements as soon as possible for more chances of winning. Stay tuned for more information on newsletters and on-site announcements on the promotions page.

Claim your CAT368 bonus offers and maximise your online betting

The games and intuitive interface aren’t the only factors that makes CAT368 a good casino site. They also have generous rewards that you can redeem and use the benefits they bring to raise your chances of winning any game. How do casino bonuses work? It depends on the terms and conditions that you have to comply with. Here are a few examples of promotions you can find at CAT368:

Welcome bonus

CAT368 offers a welcome package that matches your first deposit 1:1 or more up to a certain amount and puts it on your account balance. You may use this money to bet on most games at the site for both sports and casino betting platforms. Use this to play at any casino games or place bets on sports/esports markets on your first week of daily sessions. Welcome bonuses are only available once per account so make the most of it while it lasts.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus works similarly as the welcome bonus except the maximum limit is lower. Its requirements are also a lot easier to complete, sometimes accomplished immediately within an hour. The difference is that a reload bonus can be available again, usually once every week. CAT368’s requirements for this type of bonus often include it only being usable on certain games unless indicated on the description. Sometimes, this comes with different rules each week, essentially making it among the best new casino offers periodically.


Rather than having to make deposits to redeem bonuses, the cashback reward gives you a portion of the amount you’ve spent at CAT368 casino games or sports bookmaker. This will only be a small fraction up to 15% in most cases and it is only applicable to games you place within a certain time frame. Read the description before opting in because it can change sometimes.

Become an exclusive CAT368 VIP member

You can become a VIP member at CAT368 as soon as you have registered for an account. You only need to complete the requirements like the minimum deposit to be eligible for a certain tier. The highest VIP level is Diamond and you can go straight to it if your cumulative deposit in the previous month is 3 billion VND and you will be notified at the start of the next month if you are eligible. Thus, high stakes bettors are granted the highest rewards possible.

Being a VIP member at CAT368 will make various exclusive rewards accessible depending on what tier you are on. You can also get rollback refunds, prioritised transaction process, and unlock special support service. Here are the VIP levels on CAT368:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Visit CAT368 VIP page for more details on what each tier provides.

Experience seamless transactions with CAT368’s many payment methods

CAT368 accepts various types of sending funds, making its services accessible to all kinds of gamblers in Vietnam. You can play any game using fiat currencies, mainly the Vietnamese dong (VND). Other options you can use are international money like the United States dollar (USD) and euro (EUR).

Likewise, gamblers can also play using cryptocurrencies at CAT368. Among the most accepted crypto exchanges are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). You can transfer directly from your wallet or buy using fiat on exchanges. Explore your options and see which method is the most convenient for you.


Fiat currencies can be sent using Vietnamese bank transfer methods for convenience. CAT368 supports popular platforms like Vietcombank, TechComBank, and VietinBank. International financial institutions like Asia Commercial Bank are also popular for performing transactions with currencies other than VND for international banking.

Banking methods are typically linked to your personal bank account, allowing you to deposit and withdraw easily from CAT368. Some options, like with MasterCard, are only one-way payment while others go two ways. Consult your financial institution to see what their limits are when pairing with online sports betting and online casinos.

Digital wallet

A digital wallet is an extension that you can install on your desktop or install on your phone to serve as a platform for storing your money. You can typically pair this with your bank so you can transfer money to this platform before using it to make deposits to CAT368.

This is also a much quicker means for withdrawing digital currency. You can find them to be much more comfortable to use for making deposits because they are also typically mobile apps. Pair it with your account at CAT368 mobile app to complete transactions quickly with just a few finger taps. 


Using cryptocurrency is the best way to experience CAT368’s big payouts as a gambler. All games and sports market odds on the website are multipliers for your ante so winning thousands in Bitcoin means you are instantly a millionaire in VND. There is also the matter of cost-efficiency because crypto’s blockchain network is cheaper and more secure than banking options.

Even if you aren’t investing in expensive currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can still enjoy these benefits using a stablecoin like Tether. This crypto is designed to be worth 1:1 to the USD, making it easier to convert to any fiat currency upon cashing out. It’s also regarded to be one of the best assets for international banking thanks to the blockchain’s borderless access.

Wager anytime, anywhere with CAT368’s mobile app

There is no better way to enjoy online gambling than to have access to it 24/7 at any time, anywhere. You can do that with the CAT368 mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. Just download the APK file on the website to install the app on any mobile devices. Start the installation process and you’ll be ready to login or register in less than a minute.

CAT368 mobile app client has everything that the desktop browser version offers albeit in a compact package. Every feature adjusts perfectly to the screen orientation and resolution of your phone for an intuitive experience. Another advantage this brings is how easier it would be to pair your CAT368 account with payment methods on the same device. Your options will appear whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal with instructions to follow.

Learn more about CAT368 and its games with the blog feature

Other than playing games or betting at sports and esports events, you can also read blogs at CAT368. This will often contain the most trending stories related to gambling, finance, crypto, and banking in Vietnam. You can also read the latest sports betting news from international leagues like transfers or acquisitions of teams. Likewise, there are also sports betting tips for punters. Blogs will also contain fun topics like an introduction to new slots at CAT368 casino or gambling tips for a certain table game for more chances of winning.

About CAT368

CAT368 strives to be one of the best mobile gambling apps for sports betting and casino gaming in Vietnam if not the world. All features and services implemented on the platform are introduced to improve your experience in playing games of chance. You can count on CAT368 for having a secure account, responsive customer support, compliance with responsible gaming, as well as having fair terms and conditions.

CAT368 account

Registering for a new account at CAT368 will require you to decide on a username and password on the first page. Fill out the rest with your personal information including your name and phone number. It will also ask for a dealer code or promo code to redeem a bonus upon making an account.

The next page asks for more contact information like your e-mail address and preferred payment method to comply with the know-your-customer (KYC) policy. It’s a necessary step for the verification process to help CAT368 give you the best services available in Vietnam. This can also help users recover accounts in the event that the password is forgotten.

Customer care

CAT368 aims to provide the most robust technical support that you deserve. Feel free using the ‘contact us’ button that is ever present on the gambling site. There will be links leading you to support teams’ social media platforms that you can click on. You may also send your complaints directly through email for a more detailed inquiry including screenshots of the problem in question. Please don’t hesitate to reach out because your feedback is valuable for making CAT368 an even better sports and casino gambling mobile app.

Responsible gaming

Why do casinos have maximum bets? The answer is because they adhere to responsible gaming guidelines like CAT368. These are set to give players control over their activities using the mobile sports and casino betting app. Though most gamblers are responsible enough to avoid over spending, this guideline is set for those with tendencies to lose control. You can trust CAT368 to monitor your activities for you and address all concerns through customer services. 

Terms and conditions

CAT368’s terms and conditions are designed to deliver the app’s scopes and limits as a casino operator. Regulations listed are to ensure no account holder is performing any forms of malpractice that seek to exploit or break through the gambling site’s securities. This also includes the site’s privacy policy to keep your personal information protected.

Your actions will also be tracked if you are performing suspicious actions like manipulating the odds or counting cards. CAT368 reserves the right to penalise malicious actions in whichever shape or form. For more details, please read the terms and conditions in its entirety. 


There are plenty of users reaching out to CAT368’s customer services and have their concerns addressed and solved. Some of those may have been similar to yours and the answers will be similar. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at CAT368 and the answers to them from the operator:

Play at CAT368 for the best gambling experience in Vietnam 

If you are looking for the best gambling experience on mobile or desktop devices in Vietnam, then you should go to CAT368. You can deposit fiat and cryptocurrencies using various payment methods in the country for your maximum convenience. Feel free exploring the site or address some of your concerns at CAT368 customer services. Everything is built for you and your sports, esports, casino, and table gaming needs.