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CAT368 delivers the best and exciting betting predictions to help you decide on which markets to bet on. However, keep in mind that predictions do not happen 100% of the time. To help you make an educated guess on each and every event you’ll bet on, here are everything that you should know about betting and predicting outcomes:  

What are Betting Markets?

Betting markets are different outcomes of any sports event or game. This can be a game result (who wins or will it end in a draw), specific score outcomes, or other outcomes that you can bet on. If you predict a betting market correctly, it leads to a win.

There are a lot of betting markets set for each game in every sports event. They are offered all around and are often set as a crucial part of any sports prediction. You can bet on at least 30 markets alone on a single game between one team and another, depending on the sportsbook and event itself.

How Do Betting Markets Work?

Every bookmaker sets the betting markets that punters can choose from. All of these markets are based on the outcome, which means you have to consider the prediction made by the experts for all available matches before you place your bets. Depending on the set online betting odds, you may find different probable outcomes on various markets, which can affect your wagers. 

There are a lot of betting markets available, but not all of them work the same since some markets are dependent on a player or team reaching a certain mark in the game. Some of these are even set for a ‘yes or no’ betting market, which means it will only answer to the latter. This is why you have to consider the best house betting odds to get a win in your wagers.

How to Read Betting Markets?

Sports betting markets have various outcomes depending on which one you bet on. All sporting events also have unique betting markets included, which means you have to make some good football prediction house bets if you are keen to win a lot of handsome prizes. The odds for each market is also different even with the playing teams established since it all comes down to the actual game.

Here’s how you can read the betting markets:

  • For every market, there are always two teams or players set as favourites and underdogs for a given game. 
  • These can be spotted easily with the minus (-) for the favourites.
  •  Plus (+) symbols follow the odds for the underdogs in a given game. 

The numbers differ all the time for the betting odds, and most of these usually follow a formula to create the final amount presented on the site.

Popular Markets in Sports Betting

Sports betting markets differ most of the time and they all depend on the game being played. Football, for example, has a lot of markets that are exclusive only to the game itself, and this is why you should know all of the options you have when it comes to betting in the game.

Here are some of the most popular betting markets in sports betting:

Sport Betting MarketsDescription
Winner betsWinner odds are used to place wagers on which team you think will come out on top as the winners of a given game.
Handicap betsHandicap bets are used to level the odds between two teams and give the underdog a headstart and the favourite a handicap to start the game.
Game totalsGame totals means the combined total score of two teams or players by the end of the game. This can also be other stats in a sport aside from the points.
Over/underOver/under bets need you to predict a number for a set score by the end of the game and bet if it goes over or under the said amount.
Correct scoreGuessing on the correct score is predicting the overall outcome of the game, which means it has to be the exact points between the playing teams or players.

What are Betting Odds?

Sports betting is never complete without the betting odds. These are the numbers set for a betting market and it defines the chances of winning for a single team in all events. All of the wagers you make are influenced by the betting odds and they serve as a guide for you to pick from the two playing teams or players for your betting session.

If you want to make the most of the house odds, then you should always take a look at which ones are set as the favourites and underdog for the given game. The favourites are usually the side that has a better chance of winning. The underdog, on the other hand, is not a losing side, but a team that has a smaller chance to win the game.

How Do Sports Betting Odds Work?

Sports betting odds are usually set by the bookmakers before the game begins. This is advantageous for those who want to make an outright bet. For starters, you can win totals betting right away as long as you know how sports betting odds work and use them to your advantage. Once you staked your money, all that is left is to wait for the actual game to unfold.

Depending on your football bookmaker predictions, you can try to bet on various games on in-play, which means placing wagers live and on demand. There is also an upcoming/futures betting option, which is a chance to place your bets way ahead of time before the game begins.

How Betting Odds Are Set

Sportsbooks have their ways in setting the betting odds for each market available on the site. This means oddsmakers depend on the actual chances of winning for either side before adding a 5-10% bump on the price. As long as the bookmaker has it balanced for both bets, there is a guaranteed profit for them. 

The betting lines work to handicap a sporting event. These give each side a 50-50 chance to win the game, which means that it will depend on how teams will play their games on both ends. House odds football, for example, are usually balanced to predict a possible draw, but it does not happen most of the time.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to high and low odds betting:

High Odds BettingLow Odds Betting
High odds betting means you have to wager on a side not expected to win but has a chance. This means that the payout you will get is high enough if your bet wins. Low odds betting is a way to go for sure wins. This means you will rely on the Vietnam football betting odds to make your calls and will yield you low but highly guaranteed winnings.

Types of Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds are represented in various formats on the site. This means that you can find out which one suits your betting preference. On top of that, you can find which one is the best option for you to read regularly in your betting sessions.

Betting OddsDescriptionFormula
American OddsAmerican odds set the favourites with a minus symbol and a plus symbol for the underdogs beside the odds.Total payout = Initial stake + American odds
Decimal OddsDecimal odds are represented with significant figures. This puts the favourites with a lower value compared to the underdogs, which have a bigger amount.Total payout = Stake x Decimal odds
Fractional OddsFractional odds are represented with a dash (-) or slash (/) between the numbers. Favourites have a bigger numerator compared to the underdogs.Total payout = (Stake (numerator/denominator)) + Stake
AsianAsian handicaps come in full lines or half lines and follow the American odds in representing the favourites and underdogs with the plus and minus symbols but have decimal numbers.Total payout = Stake x Asian Handicap odds

Betting Odds Prediction

Most of the casino football predictions are all defined as guesses from the pros, but they all rely on the stats and other factors that affect the game. However, these are used to put the favourites and underdogs in a given game and it will serve as a guide on what the outcome of will be.

How to Predict Betting Odds?

The outcome is always the main concern when it comes to predicting betting odds. The winners for the actual game are not always represented in the betting odds because there is a chance for underdogs to usurp the favourites in the competition that has the negative odds to win the game.

On top of that, positive odds do not guarantee a win since the predictions are not accurate all the time. Factors such as roster changes, injuries, win streaks, head to head results, and past matches all play a huge role in the overall outcome of a given game. This is why it is a must to consider these factors and do research before betting on a given match.

Best Odds Betting Predictions Tips

To get the best predictions you should know how to look at the various games and see the chances of winning for both sides. A prediction is not accurate every single time, but it should be based on concise research analysis and reliable data statistics at all times.

Aside from checking the spread and making past sports matches as a basis in your predictions, you can also try some of the high and low stakes betting tips listed below:

Best High Odds Betting Tips

  1. The best high odds betting tip you can get is to take a risk. 
  2. Check the trends surrounding the sides in a given game
  3. Review each match you will add on an accumulator.
  4. Always check the team’s schedule before you bet.

Best Low Odds Betting Tips

  1. When it comes to safe low odds betting, you should always consider the favourites as your initial pick. 
  2. Avoid betting on high profile matches or derbies since the odds are usually close in these games.
  3. Consider motivation, roster and home advantages when betting.
  4. Bet on the lowest margins you can find.

How to Calculate Football Odds

Bookmakers bring the set amount of football odds with the use of implied probability. There is always a percentage change as the house odds football shift from time to time and the bets depend on what was set before the game begins or as it progresses. 

This means that the total winnings you get will depend on the bet amount you made. Bets on the resulting winner can lead to a huge payout if you have calculated the bookmakers’ football predictions that you bet on for football games as well. Here’s how you are going to calculate football odds:

Odds = probability / (1 – probability)

CAT368 Sports Betting Vietnam 

CAT368 takes pride in bringing you the best online football betting experience. There are a lot of wins that you can get with the odds by your side. This is why you can be sure that the experts’ opinions are a big help and will give you a huge edge when it comes to competitive betting.

While it may not guarantee all of your wins, it does give you a chance to have the best shot in your wagers now more than ever. That is why CAT368 is pleased to help you make the most of your betting needs.

Here’s how you can bet on CAT368 football games while checking the available betting odds:

  1. Open your account at CAT368.
  2. Select the football game you want to bet on.
  3. Pick a betting market and check the odds between the playing teams.
  4. Do your own research on the playing teams.
  5. Make a bet and hope for the best.

Make the most of your football betting odds at CAT368

CAT368 delivers the fresh and most competitive betting odds that you can find for football games. These are very helpful when making your online betting predictions on any and every football event. Here at CAT368, expect a fulfilling football betting experience.

CAT368 Betting Predictions FAQs

CAT368 has compiled some of the common queries regarding football and sports betting odds and you should know them well to have a smooth betting experience:

Which sports betting has the best odds?

Soccer and basketball usually have the most competitive betting odds, but you can also be sure that odds presented on football, ice hockey, and volleyball are as accurate as they can be.

How are all sports betting odds being calculated?

Sports betting odds are calculated through implied probability, which is the public opinion of a team’s chances of winning against another or a whole tournament.

Why do betting odds change?

Betting odds shift from time to time since there are a lot of factors that affect the overall game. This is why it is a must to consider watching the game or doing a lot of research before you bet.

How to win betting odds?

To get the best betting odds, you should know how to read them well and use them to your advantage when you place your wagers.

Are sports odds predictions accurate?

Sports odds predictions are based on opinion and analysis. They are accurate, but there is no 100% guarantee that they will happen as projected by the experts.