Everything you need to learn about over under betting on football

Watching sports matches is fun, especially as it makes you feel more involved with the football matches you love to watch. With that, you must learn more about each betting market that you can wager on. 

When signing up with an online bookmaker site like Cat368, there are a lot of factors that you should put into careful consideration. Aside from the site’s legality in Vietnam, you should also take the time to learn which betting markets are covered in every football match. 

One factor that makes online football betting interesting is that aside from featuring several renowned matches, they also feature various markets that you can easily wager on. Aside from outright bets, you will also see several over under bet markets for both future and live match betting, which are massively popular among players. 

If you haven’t tried betting on it yet, here are a few facts that you would have to learn more about it: 

What is over under in betting? 

An over under bet, also called total bet or o/u, is one of the most popular betting markets you’ll encounter online. This pertains to betting on the total number of points a team will get. Here, you will only have to place a wager on whether or not you think the score will be higher or lower than the actual point value set by your chosen site. With this type of bet, you have to guess whether the score goes over or under the number stated. 

The simplicity of over under betting makes it a popular choice among punters, including new ones. The reason is that instead of focusing on specific match results, these are based on assumptions and estimates. This is also often the type of wager you place if you don’t have a strong preference for either of the sides. That is if you don’t think one will win the game outright.

Considering a football game, a great example of this is the wagering markets you’ll see online. An example of this might have to be a football match that you have always anticipated. When betting on it, you might see betting possibilities on the score that a team might get. 

Specifically, the betting markets may show the over or under two about the possible score that both teams might get on the final score. If in case you bet on over two, and the game ends with 1 point for team A and a final score of two for team B, you win the bet. The reason behind this is a total of three goals scored which goes over 2. However, in another case where the game ends in a final score of 1-0, you lose your wager in over under football betting since the total is under 2.  

Over under betting rules 

Before engaging in football betting or any sports gambling activity, you must understand the mechanics of how over under sports betting is done. With that, here is a quick guide about the rules that can make you do it better: 

  • Know the different football leagues → Before you bet, make sure you are familiar with them and the teams participating in them. This will give you a better idea about which teams stand out. 
  • Check the odds → What you wager on depends on your preference. Still, it is a great choice if you look at the odds and determine which teams are considered the underdogs or the favourites. 
  • Place it when you feel like doing so → You may place a football over under betting wager before a match starts or once it has already started. Remember that placing a bet is impossible when the match is about to end. 

How do over under bets work? 

If you’re wondering how does over under betting works, it’s best to understand it first from the perspective of a sportsbook. Specifically, a sportsbook’s goal is to have equal wagers on the over/under scores for each match. They publish the most likely combined value of the scores and use it for this bet. 

A sportsbook will also set the vigorish (or vig) for an over-under wager. The money wagered by the losers will be paid to the winners, and the sportsbook will keep the 5% profit if the amount wagered on both outcomes is exactly even. There may occasionally be an imbalance in the number of wagers on any over and under prediction. In such cases, your chosen sportsbook will attempt to balance the number so you can find it easier to place bets on the teams.


Over under betting strategies 

Aside from understanding the basics of over and under in betting, you should also take the time to learn the different betting methods that work best on it. That way, you will find it easier to place the bets and be more confident every time you intend to wager on them.

Over And Under 1 And A Half

Over 1.5 goals mean having two or more total goals scored by both teams combined in a match. Meanwhile, Under 1.5 goals means the team should have zero or just one goal in total.

Over 1 ¾ Left  

The over 1.75 bet count happens when only two goals are recorded for a match. This becomes a wrong option if both teams fail to score more than one goal for two. 

Big And Under 2 Left 

If three or more goals are scored throughout the game, the Over 2 Bet wins. If only two goals are scored, your wager will be returned. You lose the bet if a zero or one goal is scored throughout the game. 

For under two bets, you will win if there are 0 or just one goal scored throughout the match. If there are two goals scored, you’ll have your wager returned. You will lose this bet if three or more goals are scored during the game. 

 Over 2:¼ Left 

If three or more goals are scored during the game, wagers on the 2.25 over under betting line win. You’ll win half your stake and lose half if two goals are scored. You’d lose the bet if 0 or 1 goal were scored during the game. 

Under 2:¼ left 

You’ll win an under 2.25 bet if the game ends with either 0 or 1 goal scored. If two goals are scored, half of your bet will be repaid, and half will be considered a win. However, you lose if three or more goals are scored in the game.

Over 2 And A Half Left 

Your bet will win if three or more goals are scored throughout the game. You’ll lose if the team only scores 0, 1 or 2 goals.

Under 2 And A Half left 

The bet wins if 0, 1, or 2 goals are scored throughout the game. You will lose this bet when the team scores at least three goals throughout the match.

Over 2 ¾ Left 

If four or more goals are scored throughout the game, you will win over 2.75 bets. If there are exactly three goals, half of the wager wins and half is returned. You lose if 0, 1, or 2 goals are scored during the game. 

Under 2 ¾ Left

You’ll win this bet if 0, 1, or 2 goals are scored throughout the football match. If precisely three goals are scored, half of the wager will be refunded, and half will be lost. Meanwhile, you lose if there are four or more goals scored.

Over And Under With 3 Odds 

The Over 3 bet wins if four or more goals are scored throughout the match. The wagered amount will then be returned if just three goals are scored. You lose the bet if the game with 2 or fewer goals is scored.

If you bet on under 3, you win if the total number of goals scored throughout the game is two, one, or zero. Similar to the latter, you will also receive a refund if it ends with a score of three. You will lose this wager if the score is four or more.

Tips to keep in mind before placing football over and under bets

If you’re planning to learn how to win over and under bet, here are betting tips you have to keep in mind: 

  • Research about the team’s past performances → Read more about the recent performances of the teams and see how well they performed. This will tell you more about their overall playing condition. 
  • Check the player lineup → The rosters of the teams’ players are a significant factor that affects the game and the sportsbook’s predictions. In cases where a player may have sustained an injury, a team may change their roster. This may or may not affect their winning chances. 
  • Consider the schedule → Weather reports may cause some games to be called off, and these conditions will impact the game. If it rains, the field will get muddy, affecting the player’s performance. 

CAT368: Over under football betting 

Now that you have a better understanding of over/under betting, you may find it easier to wager on its markets when you’re at CAT368. With the safety and security that comes with betting on a legit sports bookmaker, you may find it more interesting to see what the odds say and see if the results will correspond to the predictions. 

When your anticipated match is about to come along, log in to your cat368 account, head over to our football betting page, and place bets on the over and under markets you see. If you make the right predictions, claim the corresponding payouts you earned. 


These are just facts you would have to know about over and under bets on football. By keeping these in mind, you will be more confident placing this type of bet and seeing how much you can win with them. 


Do over under bets include overtime?

Most over and under bets include such. Still, it may depend on your chosen sportsbook. 

What happens with the over under bets when the results hit the exact number? 

A push occurs when the over-under prediction comes true to the exact number. All bets will be reimbursed regardless of what wager you choose to go with. 

Why are these called total bets? 

These are also called total bets because it involves betting on the total combined score of the teams. 

Can you place over under prop bets?

Definitely, however, what makes it different from those above over under bets is that they are just not affixed to the final value that will be scored in the game.