Check out Vietnam online casino bonuses/promotions in CAT368

The best part of playing at an online gambling site is your access to various benefits known as bonuses. CAT368 offers exclusive promotions to expand your online gambling experience. The casino bookmaker has various offers—from slots to table games, and you are free to choose the casino game you want. You can also always use CAT368’s online casino promotions to your advantage. 

CAT368 is the best betting site in Vietnam, and it’s only fitting that you can find only the rewarding casino bonus to add to your daily betting sessions. 

You can claim any of CAT368’s bonuses and promotions once you check all the requirements. However, each bonus differs from the others regarding its benefits, conditions, and limits. To make a better decision, you should first learn the standard online casino bonus types and how each can help you maximise your betting journey. Find out more about CAT368’s casino bonuses below:

CAT368 Online Casino Promotions

Go to the CAT368 page for online casino bonuses by clicking on the ‘promotion’ button at the upper right corner of the homepage. What you’ll find are promotional gifts that attract and help players with their betting. Any bonus can increase the number of bets for more chances of hitting the jackpot. 

Each of them follows a certain program like giving you a certain challenge or featuring a specific game where you can use it. You can read the description for more details but they typically follow the same basic concepts.

What are Online Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses are a common type of online casino promotion that help players enjoy their betting experience on sites like CAT368. They come in a wide variety of choices. Some are meant to be used on specific casino games while others are a prize boost for any win. It also serves as an incentive for new bettors to try CAT368.

How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

All online casino bonuses have terms and conditions that dictate how they are used on different casino games as well as the rewards they offer. Such mechanics would mean that each of them is unique to one another and you decide which one is the best for you to play with. CAT368’s bonuses generally function similarly to other casino bonuses you can find online.


Types of Casino Bonuses

CAT368 has a wide variety of online casino bonuses you can claim regularly. Some of them come with fair requirements scaling with the size of the rewards to give you a fun challenge. But there are other one-time bonuses you can enjoy as well.

Here are the different types of bonuses you should know about and try when gaming. CAT368 will notify you of the hottest promotion offers through email to make sure that you don’t miss out on great packages.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

The most popular kind of casino promotion offer is the welcome bonus. You can claim it after your first deposit after making a new account on CAT 368. Sometimes, it’s a top-up bonus to boost your deposits while other times it’s a free gift to a new customer. Here is everything you need to know about an online casino welcome bonus:

New Player Casino Bonus

This welcome bonus is for new bettors. You can claim it as soon as you sign up in an online casino. Get this online casino promotion before you place any wager on a casino game to increase your chances of winning. 

You can only claim it once upon sign-up. This limit is not based on the account but on various identification elements like contact details, IP address, and name. Thus, there can only really be one instance of the same welcome bonus available for you. The rewards of a New Player casino bonus varies from one site to another. It can be in the form of additional bet money or free spins on the site’s slot games. 

First Deposit Casino Bonus

This bonus can also be called ‘first time deposit’ or FTD promo because it can be claimed only after you’ve placed a deposit in your account. This means that you get rewards once you have a betting bankroll. Some online casinos match your deposit, while there are some who double it. 

For instance, a 100% First Deposit casino bonus will give you the same amount of money as your first deposit on the site. However, read the terms and conditions first before you claim your First Deposit Casino bonus because some sites have a minimum deposit requirement.

However, once you’ve claimed it, your bankroll will increase which means you can place bets on more table games or spin more online slot reels.

Online Casino Bonus without Deposit

CAT368 also has an online casino no deposit bonus which you can claim even if you haven’t placed any funds into your account yet. That either means your bankroll will be filled with free bets that you can use on table games and sports betting or you get free spins to play exclusively on slot games. 

Sometimes, these feature specific types of games and your goal is to win profit using only these free bets. You can compare this to the fun mode or free games but the difference is that you can take home actual winnings from a casino no deposit bonus while the fun mode simply just lets you play the game.You can get these bonuses when you register at CAT368 right now.

Online Casino Free Spins

One of the most enticing benefits you can get from CAT368’s online casino promotion is the free spins. These are points you can spend on slot games as low wager stakes. Play some slots using the provided free spins and what you win is yours to keep. 

The best way to use this is to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot like during a long session to extend your play time. Free spins bonuses often come with an assigned game CAT368 wants you to try. Give it a shot then use what you win to play some more if you like it or try another game using what you won.

Online Casino Deposit Bonus

You can claim this promo the same way as you would a welcome package but the main difference is it’s available once a week, hence why it’s also called a weekly reload. All you have to do is deposit cash to your CAT368 account when the promo is active then claim it before you play a game. 

Also another feature it shares with the welcome bonus is the match deposit feature. However, the deposit bonus comes with a much lower percentage, like 50% or less. It’s a fair estimate because the amount you get as free money is the basis of the requirements you have to complete to fully enjoy this bonus. 

Some casino deposit bonus is tied to your chosen payment method rather than the amount you deposited. It’s up to you whether you wish to claim it, too, or choose a payment method that you are more used to. 

Online Casino VIP Bonus

The VIP mobile casino no deposit bonus is one of the most exciting features at CAT368. This program tracks your activities on the website and rewards you with points for your account. It’s a fun system for CAT368 casino players to get rewarded for their loyalty overtime. 

The more points you get the further your account level reaches high levels. Each milestone unlocks more perks. There are systems to delegate your account levels if you are inactive so some of the highest levels are exclusive to high-roller gamblers at CAT368.

Online Casino Birthday Bonus

CAT368 also asks for your date of birth while you are signing up for one purpose: giving you a proper gift to celebrate your birthday. It will often form a fun free-play game bonus where you can win real cash without making a deposit. The birthday bonus is free to claim within your birth month, giving you flexibility on when to claim it. Online betting sites like CAT368 also ask for your date of birth to ensure you are of age before you enjoy betting. 


How to Wager Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses can be wagered like your regular deposit. Free money is added to your CAT368 bankroll, giving you a higher total. You can claim free spins for slots’ bonuses, but you need to check which games are applicable for it. Press the spin button and use the free spin before placing cash stakes. 

CAT368 Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are simple in CAT368. Each bet at a table game or a spin at slots counts as one valid bet, and you will need a certain number of these to complete the requirement. You must remember the minimum required stakes to count as a reasonable bet. It is usually somewhere between ₫10 to ₫100.

Other requirements, like the deposit bonus, give you a maximum amount to spend. It is usually the amount of free money you get from a promo multiplied by ten or more. For example, deposit a specific amount and receive a particular amount of free money in your account. This requirement won’t usually come with a minimum stake to complete, as long as you reach the maximum total.

Another requirement you might find in a casino bonus is called ‘featured games. It’s a list or a mention of a specific title with which the bonus is applicable. It can be a set of titles by theme or game provider, but it can also be a random assortment. It can also be a list of the most popular casino games in CAT368, and this promotion is a means to celebrate them. 

You can use your winnings as a spending budget to complete the wagering requirements. It lets you keep all the big cash prizes you got so far as profit. You may withdraw these cash prizes after you have completed the current active bonus or if it has expired. Once reached, CAT368 takes the remaining bonus money while you get to keep your winnings. The casino bonus expiry date is in the description. 

Best CAT368 Online Casino Bonuses

CAT368 aims to make the most fun and engaging gambling platforms in Vietnam, whether it may be on a desktop browser or as a mobile casino app. That’s why it offers the following casino bonuses for gamblers to try:

  • First Deposit Promotion up to ₫3,800,000
  • New Member 01-05
  • Promotion for the First Deposit
  • Promotion 01-04
  • SABA Sports Bonus

How to Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

CAT368 offers fantastic online casino bonuses to give you an edge on all games. The benefits can smooth your online gambling experience, but careless betting can waste this opportunity. Your goal should be to use online casino bonuses to avoid risks while earning a profit at the same time. Here are some tips on how to use your online casino bonuses at CAT368 to the fullest:

  1. Read the requirements of all promotions thoroughly before you choose. Pick the one that you feel matches your preferred playstyle, applies to games you like, or because its requirements are minimal at best. 
  2. Play the games you understand. The better you know the game, the easier it is to maximise rewards.
  3. The third and most important step to taking advantage of online casino bonuses is to have fun. If your bankroll isn’t dropping below your initial deposit, you are playing right, and winnings can cover the free bets you have already spent. There’s no point in stressing over potential losses because the free bets cover such expenses. 


CAT368 is the best mobile casino in Vietnam, and it’s only fitting that it offers the most rewarding bonuses. Register now, make your first deposit, claim CAT368’s biggest prize and start playing all kinds of games. You can opt-in for any of the promotions above and become one of the luckiest players of online casino games. 


(Q) What casino bonus is best for new players?

  • The best casino promo for new players is the welcome bonus. It has the most significant amount of free bets, which you can use at almost every game at CAT368. The benefits can also last a long time after claiming, and you can use this to try as many games or strategies as possible for future reference. 

(Q) Are online casino bonuses worth it?

  • Yes. Online casino bonuses are always worth picking up. These can cover potential expenses you would have to pay using real cash. As long as you have an active bonus, you can guarantee less risk when playing games than without it. 

(Q) What are casino bonus codes?

  • Casino bonus codes are lines of letters and numbers that you can use to claim a bonus. You can get one of these through various means, whether using a limited-time offer at CAT368 or as one of the promotional giveaways sent to you via email. 

(Q) Do all casino bonuses have promo codes?

  • No. Many of the bonuses at CAT368 are free to claim once the requirements are met. That includes making an account and placing a deposit. Bonuses requiring promo codes will pop a prompt to ask for it, but the rest have a button for claiming.