CAT368: The best esports mobile betting app in Vietnam

Video games are now the front and centre of attention in the new age of entertainment around the world. What once started as a casual activity in reaching high scores or solving digital puzzles is now a competitive space for glory-seeking gamers with unique talents.

The gaming industry evolved to now support competitive matches like in sports. This is called ‘esports’ and it features some of the most skilled professional players competing in regional and global tournaments. Of course, where there is professional competition then there is also online betting centred around it.

CAT368 is an esports mobile sportsbook/bookmaker that can give you the best betting experience. All professional matches for the top video games can be found on the platform. Vietnam esports also has the best odds at CAT368, giving you the best payout whenever you win. If you are new to esports betting, then here’s your quick introduction to the gaming industry:

Vietnam’s gaming industry

Gamers in Vietnam are among the first to witness the rise of electronic sports thanks to distributors in Southeast Asia like Garena. Notable games like Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and DotA Allstars were among the pioneers of this kind of entertainment. Nowadays, more modern titles are the most prominent. 

Statistics show that players from Vietnam are the most competitive in Southeast Asia with the most number of representatives joining global events than its neighbours. This is why there are many local fans in Vietnam’s gaming industry. CAT368 is dedicated to bringing you a robust betting service to accommodate the great number of punters from Vietnam. 





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Esports tournaments

Esports tournaments are professional competitions organised by each game’s respective publishers. They are in partnership with sponsors and local organisers for smaller events in every country like Vietnam. Some organisers can host their own tournament but they aren’t part of the official world circuit unless they are in partnership with the game’s publishers. Many of these are tied to the global events where regions select their champions to represent their country or server against rivals from other countries. 

What games are played in esports?

Vietnam competes in a lot of esports competitions in Southeast Asia on all gaming platforms. The most prominent ones are on the PC like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT. Call of Duty and FIFA on the console. Arena of Valour, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Hearthstone, and Wild Rift are the top titles on mobile. Vietnamese gamers also participate in fighting games across all platforms and often send representatives to big competitions. Some of the most popular titles include Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

Top esports leagues

All countries participating in major global tournaments have their own local competitions but the top esports leagues usually consist of two or more nations. They are divided into regions or servers with countries close to each other. These divisions are usually based on continents or at least a part of it. The biggest ones include Europe, North America, and a majority of Africa being grouped together with southern parts of Europe. Vietnam is typically under the same organisations handling all of Southeast Asia (SEA). 

Some countries are prominent enough in the global tournament that they are recognised as their own region. These are China and South Korea with the title of MVP usually going to their pro gamers. It is also because their local organisations have invested in a country-wide tournament with scope that can easily rival an entire region. 

CAT368 esports betting

The key to having a fun online gambling experience is to use a good bookmaker. CAT368 is the best thanks to all of the features it offers, all of which are built for esports betting. That includes dynamic odds, rewarding bonuses, and exclusive promos featuring your favourite esports tournaments in Vietnam. Matches from foreign and international series are also featured for live and future betting to give you more options as a punter.

How esports betting works

To better appreciate CAT368, you must first learn to have a deeper understanding of how esports betting works. The activity is as easy as placing bets on what outcome you feel confident will appear, whether it’s in a regular match, playoffs, or championship. 

How to bet on esports at CAT368?

When you visit the CAT368 site, you can find the ‘All-Games’ header with tabs under it. Find the esports tab and click on it to go to the bookmaker. Global and Vietnamese tournaments are always featured first and foremost unless there are no scheduled games. In which case, matches from other countries are featured first.

The clickable items under each match are called ‘markets’ and these are the outcomes that you can choose to place your bets on. Each one falls into a category, most of which only lets you place your bet on only one like a multiple choice questionnaire. Whichever you choose is recorded into your CAT368 betting slip so you can keep track of your wagers.

Every category can be resolved at different stages of the match. Betting on the winner, for example, won’t have a result until when the game is over. Markets like ‘map/round winners’ or ‘yes/no’ outcomes can be resolved as soon as the match reaches a certain time or milestone. You get paid immediately after the conditions for your chosen markets are satisfied, allowing you to withdraw your winnings or bet them on another market. 

Payouts are determined by the numbers on each market called the ‘odds’. It is called as such because it reflects the option’s likelihood of success. This is calculated automatically based on all players’ activity on CAT368 with the most popular market having lower odds because they are the ‘favourite’. 

The alternative, on the other hand, increases its payout and it is called the ‘underdog’. Odds do not accurately determine which outcome will win because there can be underlying factors in a given matchup that you should look into. You can still win when betting on the underdog despite everyone else’s conclusion.

Mobile esports

Vietnam is a lot more prominent in global events on mobile esports. Almost everyone in the country is a smartphone user and most competitive games are playable on devices within the middle-class price range. Most of these games also innovate user experience together, allowing all developers to stay updated with the latest mobile gaming technology. 

Best esports games mobile

Mobile gaming in Vietnam has improved in such a short time and various video games have made their debut on this device. The two most popular titles are PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor thanks to being the pioneer of mobile esports in Southeast Asia. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a relatively new title but it debuted with a big-budget global event in 2022, immediately setting it as a mainstream game. 






CAT368 mobile app

That is the gist of the esports industry in Vietnam and its participation in global tournaments of each title. You can begin your online gambling activity on the CAT368 mobile application. It is available at the App Store for iOS users but Android users will have to download the APK file first. Afterwards, use your device’s default tools to begin installation of the file into your device. 

How to bet on esports at CAT368 mobile?

Betting on esports at CAT368 Mobile is similar to betting on the browser. You will find the ‘All Games’ page when you launch the app and click on the ‘esports’ tab to go to the esports betting page. This will give you a compact esports gambling experience where every action can be done using only one finger. 

Find the match you want to bet on by tapping on the drop down menu to reveal its markets. Place your bets by tapping on the market you want and CAT368 will record it on your betting slip. Wait until the conditions are met and if you win, then your payouts will be delivered directly to your CAT368 account balance. 

Another neat feature is how you can open your account on either mobile and on the site then find your balance ready to use on either device. This way, you can continue your gambling progress on whichever platform if you decide to switch mid-way. 


Esports betting is made easier with CAT368, the best online gambling platform in Vietnam. It covers all of the fun competitive video game titles for all consoles like League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Arena of Valor. All of these games have thousands of fans in Vietnam alone, making them the centre of fan communities in the country. CAT368 is set to be one of the bridges connecting these communities together through shared passion for gambling on esports matches. Download the app now to take that connection with you wherever you go. 


CAT368 betting platform is proud to present its top of the line online betting service for esports bettors in Vietnam. All feedback and concerns are welcome to ensure that the platform continues to innovate and stay functional at all times. If you have any technical concerns, please reach out to CAT368’s customer support. Before you do, please read the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) for a quick answer to common inquiries: