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Make the most of your chances in online sports betting with CAT368! Wager on different sports as you take a shot at the bookmaker odds presented in each event covered by the site.

With a lot of betting markets to enjoy, punters can make the most of their sports wagers not just in Vietnam, but also in other leagues all over the world. This is a fun experience that you would not want to pass up especially with a lot of winnings up for grabs!

CAT368 sports betting

Aside from casino gaming, CAT368 also has a lot of sports events covered just for you! Enjoy the wide array of betting options available especially in soccer, fishing, and many other games provided by the bookie. You can also bet on virtual sports if you are keen to try some fresh experiences far from the common sporting events out there.

On top of that, CAT368 offers competitive sports odds, which makes your sports gambling experience a whole lot better especially with a lot of winning chances. 



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Biggest sports betting events

With the variety of sporting events that CAT368 covers, this gives you a lot of opportunities to enjoy if your bets take a hit. This is why it is important to consider placing wagers on various sports. 

On top of that, the playoffs for most leagues are even more tighter and intense than ever, which means bigger prizes to win for the correct wagers. That is why it is important to always consider sports betting, especially if there are leagues that are in the bigger stages of their respective seasons as well. Here are some of the biggest sports betting events you can try at CAT368:

CAT368 football betting

Football betting is a worldwide trend, which is why CAT368 takes pride in bringing the best services on this end. Punters can bet on various markets available on the site so they can get favourable winnings. Try betting on soccer matches now and don’t miss the intense action of league playoffs as well.

How to bet on football at CAT368

Betting on football games is simple. Before you start placing your wagers on any team in the league, you should start by checking the odds between the two teams to determine which is the underdog and favourite. To avoid a lot of hassle, you can research the playing teams in a given game to see any underlying factors that can affect your bet. As soon as you decide to bet whether on the underdog or the favourite, check out the betting markets available that will suit your needs. 

Top football leagues

There are a lot of international  football competitions all over the world, and each of the countries has their own domestic league, which means more options to choose from. It is best to pick a certain league that can give you exciting matches to bet on.

Each league is home to some of the best football clubs and players in the world, and you would not want to waste wagers on a game that is full of lacklustre players or teams. You can tell which league is a hyped one based on its fans and overall global reach as well.

Here are the top football leagues to bet on at CAT368:


FIFA World Cup

As the biggest stage in all of football,  the FIFA World Cup stands as the best option to bet on. All countries play for the big trophy by the end of the competition, and that is why punters can expect intense matches and higher stakes than ever. This is what makes the FIFA World Cup a considerable option for betting on football games.

The hype built around the FIFA World Cup gives punters more reason to place wagers on these international matches. On top of that, it takes a long time for the World Cup to finish with a lot of stages to go through as they eliminate countries one by one all the way to the final. This gives you more betting opportunities that you can win. 


Premier League

The Premier League is one of the toughest leagues in all of Europe. It has earned a strong reputation of being a juggernaut–full of competitive teams that can go up against the best of other European clubs.

A lot of football clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea came from this league and have been named champions both on the European stage and even on the international level. This just shows their versatility as a league with high standards for the sport.


La Liga

La Liga remains one of the leading football leagues in the world. Spanish clubs are known for their dominance all around, and La Liga has proven its place as a league home to some of the most elite clubs that Europe has ever seen. 

The Spanish top flight has been home to some of the highly praised players in football such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They have set the standard for the level of play in La Liga, which just shows how competitive the league is when it comes to its squad composition, making it a perfect option for soccer betting.



The German top flight remains popular among Europe’s football leagues, and it cannot be denied that there are also a lot of elite teams in this competition. The Bundesliga is known for its reputation of being home to young talent, and most of the known stars in many football leagues first got their big break in the German top flight.

The success of the Bundesliga as a competitive sport made it one of the most watched leagues all over the world. Teams such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have been home to some of the most prolific stars in the football world.






CAT368 fishing betting

Fishing is also one of the most unique sports that you can try here at CAT368. It is one of the rising sports all over the world, and the big start that Major League Fishing had was a blast. This will be the second most popular sport next to swimming which has an aquatic setting. So far, it is starting to gain a lot of traction, which shows a lot of promise about the sport.

Fishing games are starting to be common now, and there are a lot of rising pros who are getting good at angling, which is one of the necessary skills in fishing. Players such as Jacob Wheeler, Dustin Connell, Ott DeFoe, Edwin Evers, and Justin Lucas are just a few of the top talents to look out for in this sport.

How does betting on fishing work?

Catching bass is the most common game you can see in fishing leagues, and there is an option to bet on different factors that affect the game. These can be the time that it took for the bass to bite the hook, the height of the line pull and many other stuff, which is a good chance for the punter to consider some winning chances.

Your bet wins depending on the ones you wagered on since there are certain fishing markets where punters are required to put some numbers in. Markets such as time to reel need a certain guess from the punters for the bet to work as well.

CAT368 mobile sports betting app

Sports betting is easier than ever with CAT368’s mobile application. Place your wagers on any sport you want anytime and anywhere. As long as you have a mobile device connected to the internet, you can now enjoy wagering on your anticipated game.

Punters may download the CAT368 mobile sports betting app on the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS users. Get the best wins in sports betting in just a click with the help of the sports betting app now!

How to bet on sports at CAT368 mobile app?

The mobile app works almost the same as betting on the site on your computer. The first step is to pick the sport you want to wager on. As soon as you know which of the two teams are favourites and underdogs, you have to consider the betting odds and then select the market that would suit you best.

After you select a betting market, it is just a matter of placing the actual wagers and then waiting for the game to end to see the results. If you are correct with your guesses, then you will end up winning the big payout set for that specific game market.

Make the most of your sports betting experience with the CAT368 mobile app

CAT368 offers you the best chances of winning big prizes and lottery in sports betting. Place wagers on sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, fishing and ice hockey among many others. All of these sports are available right at your fingertips, so make sure to make the most of your bets here at CAT368.

Frequently asked questions

To make sure you can focus on your sports betting sessions, CAT368 has taken the liberty to answer some of the common queries among many punters in sports betting. Here are some of the most asked questions for CAT368 sports betting: