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If you are an online bettor who does not settle for less, then CAT368 is the place for you. Here at CAT368, there are various betting options that cater to every player’s betting needs. From online casino games to sports betting, CAT368 has it all. Also, you won’t have to worry about whether your money is in safe hands as the site is a top-renowned online casino in Vietnam. 

CAT368 also offers various VIP perks, an exciting customer loyalty program and other generous bonuses to help players maximise their online gaming experience and boost their chances of winning big. 

Here at CAT368 VIP online casino, you are in for a one-of-a-kind online betting experience as the site provides various payment options to make your transactions hassle-free. If you are a huge fan of casino games, you’ll find a wide array of unique and fun online casino games from renowned casino game developers at CAT368. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the fun and the chance to win big when you play here at CAT368!

What are online casino loyalty programs?

Online casino loyalty programs are used to reward active and loyal customers of the site. It’s commonly a point-based program wherein you collect points when you play the site’s casino games or bet on the site’s other betting features. Based on the number of points you acquire, you can be eligible for the site’s offered exclusive promotions and reach higher levels of the program and win bigger rewards.

At CAT368, you can become a high-roller and win big with the site’s loyalty programs! As mentioned, CAT368 VIP online casino offers players various casino bonuses and promotions to help you have the best time playing their favourite casino games and sports betting. The site also rewards your loyalty with generous promotions such as CAT368’s VIP club.

With the site’s VIP club, you are in for many exclusive promotions and unique rewards and bonuses that you can take full advantage of to maximise your chances of bringing home huge prizes as you play more of CAT368’s popular games and bet on your favourite sports!


CAT368 VIP membership

CAT368 will not be known as Vietnam’s top VIP online casino if not for its rewarding VIP program. This feature encourages bettors to enjoy more of CAT368’s games and rewards them for their loyalty. The site’s VIP membership wouldn’t be as special without the exclusive promotional offers that come with it. 

Here at CAT368 VIP online casino, there 5 levels you can reach as you play games here at CAT368 Below are the 5 VIP levels you can attain as you play and win more:

CAT368 VIP level






Enter 1000+ online slot games

Enter 1000+ online slot games

Enter 1000+ online slot games

How to become a CAT368 casino VIP

The first and most important requirement to become a member of CAT368 VIP online casino is that the player must at least be 18 years of age or older and should agree to follow the terms and conditions provided and set by the site. 

CAT368 also requires minimum deposits to be reached and maintained per month depending on which level you are aiming for. Aside from monthly deposits, there are also maintenance recharges per month that the player should make to maintain or keep their level. Just be sure to always read the terms and conditions provided by the site to know other important details you can’t miss out on as a VIP member of CAT368’s VIP program.

CAT368 casino VIP benefits

As mentioned, there are various exclusive promotions that CAT368 VIP online casino members can take full advantage of. Aside from these exclusive promotions, you can also benefit from the site’s impeccable service and the special incentive and casino gifts that come with being a privileged member of the site’s VIP program. These benefits can be maximised to boost your online betting experience and also help you play and win more.

Here are some other perks you can benefit from when you become CAT368’s VIP online casino member: 


A fun betting experience with CAT368 

With several online casino sites to choose from, selecting the best casino that offers amazing promotions and bonuses can be challenging. However, with Vietnam’s top VIP online casino, CAT368, the site is definitely a cut above the rest as it offers unique bonuses, exciting newly released games, and exclusive offers to take advantage of. 

To help you maximise your gameplay and help you win bigger rewards, the site offers the most unique casino promotions and bonuses. When you become a VIP member of the site, you can also take advantage of unique perks such as a VIP manager, exclusive rewards and exciting casino events wherein you can travel the world and experience memorable getaways! 


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